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May 24, 2009

Pacific Beach

Eric's mom came with us to Pacific beach. Immediately upon arriving we thought we should let Keenan feel the sand squish between his toes and maybe even get them a little wet. Well, the water came up and yes his little feet got wet then down Keenan went as he lost his footing and water got a little higher. Since it wasn't a particularly sunny day and we weren't planning on actually swimming we didn't bring any towels. :( So I got wet and sandy too since Keenan was a bit upset about getting doused and needed "up". After he dried off a bit he enjoyed playing in the sand.

Keenan pointing at the water.

And that concludes the California portion of our trip. Next up Denver.

1 comment:

Laura Olson said...

What great pictures! The beach looks fantastic right now (it has been raining for five straight days in Denver).