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May 24, 2009

More California

We stayed with Eric's brother Mike in Cerritos for a few nights before heading up to the high desert for a get together with a bunch of Eric's high school friends.

Keenan loved playing with his cousin Alec. He had lots of "autos" plus had a huge hat! I think it might be a tad big... No?
Keenan was "helping" his cousin Ashley wash potatoes when he grabbed the scrubber, made a large pile of bubbles and then proceeded to pile and rub them into Alec's hair. Alec was a good sport and just let him have at it.

Eric's high school group, just a few years later!
and us...
Keenan had fun at Eric's friends house as they have two little kids which equals a whole set of toys that are new to him plus they have a pet turtle that lives in their back yard.

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