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May 24, 2009

San Diego Wild Animal Park

We thought Keenan would enjoy San Diego's Wild Animal Park since he likes animals so much. We were right he thought it was great, he loves to roar like a lion! We were able to see a playful baby Jaguar as well as a baby rhino.

Had to have pictures with a rhino!
One highlight of the day for Keenan was the petting zoo. I'm pretty sure these animals would have let Keenan climb all over them and pull ears, tails, ect... They were pretty darn tame. He loved feeding them, then hugging and kissing them all goodbye. And NO, he was not a happy camper when we made him leave the petting area. Come on, we had a whole lot of park left to see!
Next up: Feeding the birds with Dad.
Then to check out the Parrots.
To the Apes!
And then the lions, "ROAR"!
We then went on a "Safari Adventure" aka a large tram crammed with lots of people, that took us around a large area with lots of African Safari animals.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat then let Keenan play on the playground. His favorites? The Autos! Like I even had to ask

By this time it was getting to be nap time and Keenan was starting to get a bit grumpy but before we left we figured we ought to have one ride on the merry-go-round.

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