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May 24, 2009


We couldn't go to California without making a trip to Disney Land, for Keenan of course! Luckily for us Eric's nephew, Justin, works there as a couple different characters and was able to get us in free! That saved us a lot of money. For just Disney Land alone the tickets are $69 a person. Yikes!

Let me in!!

We walked into the Sprite or Fairy walk not knowing exactly what it was but, Keenan didn't seem to care as he got to hug the pretty girls!
Got to stop and smell the flowers, you know!
We once again got lucky as the lines weren't terrible but nevertheless Keenan didn't care for them. We packed a whole pack back full of treats to keep him busy.

We went on quite a few rides. Hands down Keenan's favorite? Big shocker here, it was "Autotopia"! We let him sit on the drivers side and steer (sort of the cars are on a track). He loved it until the ride was over then we had to pry him out and move on to the next ride. We didn't get pictures of him on rides since we were on them with him. He really liked the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride and the "Nemo" submarine ride.

The day we went Eric's nephew was Goofy. We made sure to go visit!

Toon town
Go little buddy! Pull the sword out of the stone!
Last on our agenda for the day was to get Keenan his first set of Mickey Mouse ears! By this time it was hot and he tired and was not appreciating the ears!

The line to get a picture with Mickey Mouse was much too long for this tired child so we'll pass and maybe get it next time. Keenan didn't mind as he doesn't even know who Mickey is. He likes Nemo, Dora the Explorer, and Cars.

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