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June 2, 2009

Back to Kyiv

Our flight out of Billings was a bright an early 6 am flight, which meant we had to be there way to early in the morning to even be awake. I was a bit skeptical that we would actually make it all the way to Kyiv that day as both of our layovers were really short. As soon as one flight landed we boarded the next and amazingly our flights were on-time and we made it back to Kyiv.

Thankfully we were able to get upgraded again to Business class on the New York to Kyiv flight. It makes such a difference to be able to stretch out completely plus you can order ice cream, which Keenan loved. The flight went well, Keenan did pretty good and we arrived in Kyiv around 10 am Kyiv time (1 am Mountain time). We were all pretty tired. Eric went to work a few hours after arriving home while Keenan and I vegged out.

It took Keenan and I about a week to recover from the jet lag. He woke up every night around 1am, we played, we ate then I pleaded with him to go back to sleep only to be wide awake until 5am every night for almost a week!

Keenan never falls asleep on the floor, he usually will only nap in his crib or stroller so I was very surprised to find him conked out while watching cartoons one night.
Now almost 2 weeks later were back on our regular schedule and spending most of our time at the various parks around Kyiv. We come home covered in sand and recently what looks like sand flea bites all over his ankles and legs.

Keenan seems to have an endless supply of enery, just when I think he should be getting worn out he'll start jumping everywhere and he does nothing quietly. Call me sometime and it sounds like a whole herd of toddlers in my apartment but no, it's just Keenan.

Strawberries are in season here, we eat lots of them, consequently Keenan's hair always smells like them. I love this.

All objects are now possesive, Keenan will point at something and say "Mamma's, Dadda's, Keenan's or Sierra's" I find this cute.

Keenan tried putting me in time out today, uhmm...NO!

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