Our Travels

June 2, 2009

Checking out the Ranch

I know, it's taking me a while to get caught up from our trip. One day while in Montana Eric and I took Keenan on a walk over to the shop and barn. He really liked seeing the horses and two bottle calves up close, the calves on the other were new to bottle fed life and weren't too friendly just yet so we admired them from afar.
"Yoo-hoo, down here!"
My little blondie.
Shocking that Keenan would want to "drive" the tractor...
We stopped in to see Aunty Gywnnie but see wasn't home so we admired her flowers. Keenan likes to smell them.
Soon as we got back from our walk my Dad came home and was getting ready to go back over to feed the calves so Keenan went with too. Christy, Cade and Avery also showed up to play, Cade decided to tag along to feed too!
Keenan loves putting on hats, here he is with Cade's.

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