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June 2, 2009

Mother's Day Branding

Branding on Mother's Day has been a tradition for as long as I can remember on Indian Creek, we were happy to be around this year to partake. Eric got up early to help set up the corral while I lagged behind with Keenan and headed up later with my mom. Keenan thought all the commotion was pretty neat and kept mooing with the cows.
I put Keenan in the back of the pick-up to keep him out of the way... he then started stealing sips of everyone's Mountain Dew's.
Eric participated in the action while I chased Keenan around.
Conversing with Avery.
Cade put his own boots on, all by himself!
Keenan and Cade
The little kids lined up to watch some of the roping action.
Maybe in a few years Keenan...
My Poppa
Helping Gramma drive

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