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June 2, 2009

Hanging out at Grampa's and Gramma's

The weather was so nice while we were in Montana that Keenan was very adamant about being outside from the time he woke up until he was put to bed at night. I miss having a yard so much! It's no fun living in an apartment seven floors up with no nice lawn nearby. Hopefully at our next location we'll have a yard.

Here he is first thing in the morning, still in his jammies with his new cowboy hat.
We haven't pushed the potty training very hard but we do try to use it every so often. Why wouldn't you wear a tupperware bowl for a hat while trying to do your business?
Keenan... forever chasing cats. Gus must have really wanted some lovin' because usually the cats run the other way when they see Keenan coming.
Keenan down by the creek throwing rocks.
I think the hat has a little bit of room to grow into.
With Gramma
Keenan trying on Grampa's boots.

Grampa and Keenan with their cowboy hats.

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