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July 30, 2009

Dnipro River

Last Saturday we took Keenan to the beach on the Dnipro river that runs through Kyiv and met up with two another American families. A new section of beach just opened, complete with new clean sand, a cabana that may be rented out as well as an activity cabana for the kids. We were lucky and was able to rent out the cabana for the day, for next to nothing. It gave us a place to store all of our stuff as well as to get out of the sun and grab a bite to eat.

Keenan absolutely loves the water but was dissapointed that this beach had sand and NOT rocks. The week before when we had gone to the beach it had been rocky and the younger kids spent what seemed like hours just throwing rocks in the river. Keenan quickly got over that when Eric started playing fetch with Sierra. We decided to let Keenan look a little more "European" by letting him run around in his undies.
I think Sierra had just as much fun playing in the water as Keenan did.
I thought this picture was funny mostly because of the guy in the background. I think he was doing yoga and we kept ruining his feng shui both by Keenan running into his space, kicking up sand and Sierra kept shaking water all over him. Yes, I felt a little bad as he was there first... sigh...
Picture with Mommy and Daddy.
One of the families we met up with have 2 girls which Keenan calls both by the same name kept Keenan pretty entertained. Here's Keenan and Cecee painting... when I pulled out my camera the Ukrainian boy instinctively leaned over and posed.

It ended up being a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Keenan was too busy to be bothered with a nap so when I picked him up to leave he immediately crashed... convienent since we had to walk a little ways.

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Snauserpaus Studios said...

The pictures are so great! The guy doing yoga is simply classic - hilarious!