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July 21, 2009

Keenan the camera hog meets the V.P.

Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Kyiv yesterday and this morning had a "meet and greet" with the Embassy community. So bright and early I got up and drug Keenan to the Embassy so we could ride the bus to the hotel. Eric unfortunately had stay at work so he couldn't come with us but we were able to get a picture of all us before Keenan and I boarded the bus.

For security reasons we had to be at the hotel by 8:30 am and wait for Joe Biden to make his appearance at 10:30. This caused a little bit of stress for this mother as Keenan is mostly potty trained but doesn't always give you enough time. I tried to time it out so he would go potty at 10 then we'd be good but of course little bladders don't always work accordingly to schedule. Luckily we had no accidents.

Keenan and Oliver "playing" with autos. I say "playing" because they were mostly fighting.

At approximately 10:28 Keenan looks at me at tells me he needs to pee pee again so off we ran to the potty only to get back to our spot at the front near the rope when he tells me he has more pee pee. Are you kidding me? I wasn't sure if he was playing around or not but since he didn't pee much I didn't take any chances and off we ran once again to the potty only to produce one little squirt of pee. Sigh... we force our way back through the crowd of people to our spot near the front where Keenan flirts and blows kisses to a crowd of young girls.

How Keenan really felt after 2 hours of waiting.

Finally Joe Biden makes his appearances and invites the kids to sit on stage while he talks. I didn't really think Keenan would go up there as he'd been super crabby for the last hour (other than while he was flirting) and only wanted me to hold him but to my surprise he did. Here he is sitting quietly by the podium. Mind you, we are not supposed to be taking pictures during the V.P's speech, their rules not ours.
After about 2 minutes of sitting quietly Keenan starts looking around, crawls underneath the side table that you see next to him and tries to engage Joe Biden in a game of Peek-a-boo. Joe Biden says "hi" to him during the speech then just picks him up and held him for the remainder of it. Keenan who just 10 minutes prior to that would not let anybody but me hold him just sits there like he's known the guy for a long time.
During the speech Joe Biden tried to get Keenan to say "hi" into the microphone but he wouldn't so he asked who the little boy belong to and what his name was. So my only words to the V.P. was "Keenan". I didn't have a chance to shake his hand when he came around because I was trying to find where Keenan ran off to. After this Keenan got his second wind and was running around like a little mad man.

I didn't get very good pictures since well, we weren't supposed to be taking pictures so I'm hoping the Embassy's photographer got a few good ones that I can have.


mom said...

How exciting for you guys. Keenan our little star. I need to start a college(mispelled) of his pictures with the President and VP. He looks very behaved in the VP's arms. Love, Louise

Laura Olson said...

Wow - he's going to have quite a collection of photos with politicians by the time he's five years old! He looks so comfortable with Biden... great pics!

MARCELLO's said...

Um...does this mean a career in politics? How cute..think of all the fun stories you guys are going to have by the time you move back to the states.