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August 30, 2009

Frankfurt Zoo

On our second day in Germany Eric had to go to work so in the morning I took Keenan back to the same park so he could play. We grabbed a quick bite to eat for lunch and returned to the hotel room for Keenan's nap. Our room was way to hot and stuffy so I thought we would go back to the park, Keenan could sleep on a blanket in the shade while I read a book. Sounds nice but not the way things happened... he fell asleep on the way to the park and immediately woke up when I tried to pull him out of the stroller and refused to lay down and nap. On to plan B: Keenan went back to the stroller and I set out towards the zoo. I figured he would fall back asleep, which he did so when we arrived at the zoo I parked his stroller in the shade, read and enjoyed gelato while Keenan napped.

After Keenan woke up and had some gelato of his own we walked around the zoo. It was so hot and humid that much to Keenan's delight we had to stop and get icee's and other cold food/beverages often.

Keenan's favorite exhibits seemed to be the tigers and the monkeys. Here Keenan is watching the two tigers pacing back and forth... of course I couldn't get them in the picture.

The monkeys were feeling frisky and were all playing
There was a petting zoo but most of the animals had retreated back to their pens so they couldn't get mauled by little kids anymore.
And one trip around the merry-go-round.
When we finally made it back to our hotel I inquired about fans and lucky me, they had one left which made our room a lot more comforatable.

That night we went to dinner with a group Eric's co-workers to a nice German restaurant. Keenan must have been feeling hot and grumpy as he was being monster toddler, throwing tantrums and just wanting to whine and cry. Sooooo... we fixed that by ordering him a big bowl of ice-cream ASAP and wa-la Keenan was back to being happy energetic toddler. Sometimes you just have to go with the bribery...

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