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August 30, 2009

more Frankfurt

Friday morning we woke up in Frankfurt to rain. Since Eric didn't have to go to work until after lunch we braved the rain and made it down to a Starbucks, a little taste of home that we don't have in Kyiv. We were able to enjoy our lattes (and chocolate milk for Keenan) while the rain past by. We then walked around a bit and enjoyed the slightly cooler day.

Here's some of what we saw.
That afternoon Keenan and I walked around a farmer's market and found a candy store. I let Keenan pick out one thing... I'm pretty sure he found the messiest item he could. This picture doesn't show it but, he had sucker all over his face in about 5 different colors! The lonely apple sitting on his tray proves that I might feed my child healthy choices once in awhile.
That evening after dinner we walked down by the river

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