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September 27, 2009

More Switzerland

After the zoo we found a nice outdoor place to eat. I'm still in shock over the prices. One liter of plain water $10, one small bottle of soda $5... At meals we usually spent about $30 on water, soda and juice and about $100 total for the whole meal... and this is at a casual outdoor cafe. Starbucks grande latte $8.50 but this was a luxury that we do NOT have in Kyiv nor do we get often so yes, we splurged on overpriced coffee!

Carolann and Tomas, our lovely hosts and tour-guides.
This is where we at lunch one day, with castle ruins overlooking us.
After lunch we fed the ducks our left over popcorn from the zoo and awaited our boat to take us to a small island on the lake. The island has a monastery and a vineyard. We had a nice stroll around the island then sat down for small local wine (juice for Keenan).

The inside of a small church on the island.

Keenan's favorite part of the island?? Getting back on the boat! He thought the boat was pretty cool and ran around pointing at all the life preservers and wanted to look over the edge at the water.

A few pictures taken from the boat.
The next day we took the train to Zurich. First stop: had to take a ride on the ferris wheel.

Unfortunately in was Sunday and most of the stores were closed. So we walked around a bit, ate at a nice fondue restaurant, bought some really tasty swiss chocolate and called it a day.

Thought this was kind of funny, and no it didn't point to anything.

The bigger clock face is supposed to be the largest clock face in Europe, I think...

Overall we had a great trip. We were very appreciative of being able to stay with friends and for them to be able to show us around. While in the airport we had a few extra Swiss francs to blow so Keenan got an over-priced soccer ball which he loves and wants to play with all the time, well when he's not playing with his beloved autos!

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mom said...

It is so beautiful. You are so lucky to be able to travel around. Love, Louise