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September 22, 2009

Labor Day weekend in Switzerland

For our labor day weekend we traveled to Switzerland. Eric has a friend from Colorado who now lives there. The traveling there was a bit stressful as our first plane was late taking off and landed in Prague at the same time our connecting flight was scheduled to take off. We decided to run through the airport, with our fingers crossed that this plane was also late. After having to go through customs and security yet again we finally made it to our gate and slipped in before the doors closed. Yeah!!

Our friend Carolann met us at the airport and drove us to her and her husband, Thomas's home in Staafa not to far away. Keenan immediately spotted her cat as well as a wooden train set and managed to keep himself busy anytime we were in her apartment.

The next morning we set out for the zoo. With admission everyone got a bag of plain unsalted popcorn to feed the animals with the exception of a few, or to snack on...

Keenan thought the viewing deck for the giraffes was pretty darn neat but was bummed that he wasn't supposed to feed them.

Posing with the bears.
And Keenan's favorite part of the zoo... feeding the elephants! We happened to be looking at the elephants when one of the workers brought out a huge tub of carrots and apples. Since everyone else started to grab as many as they could I figured I better elbow my way through and get our share.
Keenan absolutely loved this and kept saying "one more time!"
Feeding more animals

There were also lots of little shetland pony's, pot bellied pigs, a few cows, rabbits... that all loved popcorn. Keenan had a great time feeding the animals.

More of Switzerland to follow

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