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October 31, 2009

Big boy bed

We switched Keenan over to a big boy bed a few months ago mostly because the Embassy wanted their crib back... yes we'd been borrowing this entire time. I was a bit nervous about the transition but after a few weeks of him getting out of bed to rejoin us watching TV he did good. The bed is "Keenan's bed" which means he usually doesn't want anybody else in it. Story time is usually done is our bed then he'll crawl into his. We got him "McQueen" sheets which as soon as I put them thought it might be a bad idea as he was super excited and kept pointing out each and every picture of McQueen and Mater.
He doesn't like to sleep under his comforter and prefers to have at least 5 blankets in bed with him.

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mom said...

That is a big step. A big boy bed. I see you have a side rail. I think I have pictures of the boys hanging off the side of their beds sound asleep. Love, Louise