Our Travels

October 26, 2009


Eric taught Keenan the cooler way to tell everyone his age. Now Keenan always does this.
Keenan is also obsessed with counting everything... the numbers aren't always the right count but he's doing pretty darn good.

Everything is "my turn"... When the phone rings Keenan yells "my turn, MY TURN" so I usually let him say hi, then adios. This seems to satisfy him. Trying to get anything done now takes 3 times as long as I must wait "my turn" since it seems to be always Keenan's turn to do everything...putting toothpaste on the toothbrush, being on the computer, cracking eggs, putting shoes on... I guess he has to learn to do these things on his own eventually.

There's a sudden underwear boycott here. Last week I kept putting Keenan to bed in pull-ups and pajama pants, in the morning he'd be wearing pajama shorts and no pull-ups if anything at all. During the day I finally stopped fighting with him about wearing his big boy undies,if he wants to go "commando" that's ok, but when we go outside I do make him put on pants.

Keenan found an old diaper in a drawer and wanted to put it on, I informed him that diapers were for babies and that he was a big boy. He informed me that "Keenan is a baby" Oh, boy we have some work to do before baby sister or baby brother arrives.


Snauserpaus Studios said...

AHAHAH! That is awesome!

mom said...

He is sure growing up. I can hardly wait for Dec. Love, Louise