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December 5, 2009

Packed and ready to go

We've been trying to prepare Keenan for the move, telling him we will be living in a new house in a new coountry. As well as we will be visiting the states: California to see Gramma Louise, Grampa Ed ect ect and to see Mickey mouse; Montana.... and Colorado... Apparently the only thing he heard is "Mickey Mouse". Now everytime I tell him we are moving to Slovenia or visiting family in the States he replies "No, we go to California. We see Mickey Mouse!"

Last Wednesday I spent trying to pack Keenan and I's bags and set aside anything that stays here. Then on Thursday I sent Keenan out to play with the nanny to keep him out of the way and the movers came and started packing up all of our belongings. I thought for sure when Keenan came home from lunch and saw that all of his toys and stuff was gone he would get upset but he just shrugged and said "we go to California, and see Mickey Mouse!"

Friday the movers finished boxing up the last of our stuff then loaded it all up into a van and took it away. Hopefully we will end up with all of it in Slovenia! Now we are left with what the embassy calls a "Welcome kit" which has sheets, pillows, and the essential kitchen supplies. Keenan seems a bit bored by only having a handful of cars and a few books. I've been trying to keep him busy coloring or watching cartoons on his Ipod.

We are constantly amused with the ways in which Keenan tries too stay up later. The other night he requested "sticky tape for his feet" something he saw on "Dora the Explorer". Something about needing sticky tape for his feet so he could climb up something steep.

Today Eric flew to the UK for a week of training... yes, very convienent timing! I'm sure he knew we'd all be a bit grounchy so figured he'd get out for a few days! I promised Keenan a trip to the toy store to get a little something new so when he saw Daddy all packed up and ready to go he looked at me and reminded me where we had to go!! So now he is happily playing with his new toy and I have a spare minute to be on the computer without him requesting "Sesame Street". You can watch lots of clips on the sesame street website as well as play games and sing songs.

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mom said...

Tell him we are all ready to see Micky Mouse. Can't wait to see you. Love, Louise