Our Travels

December 11, 2009


It's Friday, which means Eric gets home tomorrow! Yeah, it's been a rough week being a single Mama. Rough mostly because Keenan hasn't been sleeping very well. He fell out of his bed one morning at 4:30 with a loud thump followed by crying and then was wide awake (he's bed rails are packed and on their way to Slovenia). Then a few nights later he fell asleep watching TV early only to wake up around 10pm. "I hungy, Mama!" Then was once again wide awake. Actually the "I hungy, Mama" seems too accompany every night at bedtime now.

The tough part has been trying to get Sierra out soo she can do her business. For obvious reasons I don't like to leave Keenan alone even while he's sleeping so thankfully the neighbors have been coming over to sit while I run Sierra out in the evening. Then in the morning I have to hurry Keenan up and try to get him all bundled up since it's been cold, dreary and a bit snowy.

Yesterday Keenan and I had a playdate with a friend. Keenan was more than happy to play with someone else's toys and I was happy to get out of the bare apartment and see my friend one last time. Keenan fell asleep on the way home... repeat above sequence of being wide awake at home followed by the "I hungy" game.

We've been trying to skpe with Eric to keep in touch, Keenan thinks the skyping in pretty darn cool. Sunday morning dark and early we'll make our way to the airport to begin our month long journey across the States before making our way back across the ocean to Ljubljana. Yes, we'll be traveling to DC, southern California, Denver and lastly Billings. Exhausting! Keenan is still only concerned about the California and meeting Micky Mouse part. He continues to tell everyone that looks at him that he's going to California.

I'm now almost 21 weeks pregnant. I had another ultrasound on Monday and he is definitely still a boy! He is a very active little guy and is growing good. I mostly feel good but am not quite ready for all the sleepless nights of a newborn. Keenan asked me if baby brother could come out and play for a little bit the other day. Hopefully he stays put for a little while yet!

So now we're just waiting. We've been pretty mentally checked out since they first told us that we might be leaving early so we are pretty ready. Plus not having our stuff for a week, I'm ready to get out of here!


mom said...

Sounds like a great adventure. Can't wait to see the three of you. Love. Louise

Laura Olson said...

We can't wait to see you on your way through Denver! Hope you get underway soon - the waiting doesn't sound like fun...