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December 15, 2009

Hello USA!

Sunday morning Eric and I woke up at 3am, rushed around the apartment packing the last minute things and tidying up the place. Keenan was mostly asleep as we got him dressed but as I put on his coat he all the sudden perked up and said "we go to airport, go to California?" Yes Keenan, it is finally time to go to the airport although California is still about a week away.

It was a very cold day in Kyiv and in true Ukrainian fashion everyone pushed and shoved to the front of the line to get on the plane (we had to take a bus to the plane on the tarmac) leaving us last to wait out in the cold. Keenan had his blanket covering his head and face to keep warm, we were still asked where his hat was and someone tugged on his pant leg, heaven forbid a tiny bit of his skin showed. If you're that concerned about him people let us go in front of you!

Our first flight was into Munich, just as the plane was landing Keenan zonked out. Eric and I were both trying to keep him up so he'd sleep on the next flight, the overseas portion. Keenan won but he woke up when we had to go through security. We then ran all over the airport to get some energy out of him and sure enough he fell asleep almost right away on the next flight. Eric and I took turns sitting by him as one of our seats was separated by the aisle so we were both able to read and watch a little bit of the onboard movies. Keenan and I spent a little bit of time walking(running) up and down the rows as well as some aerobics in the small space near the bathrooms. We marched in place, did leg kicks... we even had an older lady doing our aerobics with us. As for traveling pregnant, not the most comfortable as we were not lucky enough to get business class this time so I couldn't put my feet up. We finally got settled into our hotel around 6 pm so 1 am Ukraine time. Keenan crashed a little bit later at 7pm and we followed shortly after, almost 24 hours since we had gotten up to leave in Kyiv.

Monday morning Eric had to go to work here in DC so Keenan and I walked down to a small shopping center and found a "Chuck E Cheese's" unfortunately most of the bigger rides were broken but Keenan still had fun. Keenan is convinced we're in California and I can't seem to tell him otherwise.

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mom said...

Sounds like the trip wasn't too bad. See you sat. Love, Louise