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January 16, 2010

Mickey Mouse!

So after weeks of Keenan telling us and everyone else that we were going to California to see Mickey Mouse the Wednesday right before Christmas was finally the day! The whole Lundgren clan loaded up and gathered at the front gates for a BIG group Disneyland outing, I think there was 18 or 19 of us total. Eric, Keenan and I drove up to Cerritos the night before to stay with Eric's older brother Mike and his family to spend a little extra time with them with the added bonus of having a very short drive to Disneyland the next day. During the drive Keenan kept saying "we go to California and see Mickey Mouse?" After several attempts of trying to explain that we were in California and Mickey Mouse was at Disneyland we gave up. I guess in Keenan's world California is just where Mickey Mouse lives.

Luck was on our side, Mickey Mouse was just inside the front gates and the line to see him was pretty short. Any worries I had that Keenan would shy away from Mickey Mouse once we got to the front of the line were quickly diminished, Keenan gave Mickey Mouse hugs and kisses while giggling the whole time.

Keenan's first ride of the day was "Autotopia" with me while everyone else went on one of the bigger rides. Keenan and I were at a disadvantage because he is the little cousin and I'm pregnant, so we couldn't go on a lot of the rides with everyone else. Keenan loved "driving" the cars, he didn't on the other hand love waiting in line. The park was pretty busy that day and every line seemed to be endless and people were everywhere.

We went on a few more rides then all the excitement must have wore Keenan out, he passed out immediately after eating lunch. So while Keenan slept Eric and I walked around the park a little bit and each enjoyed a churro. We met up with the rest of the group and with Keenan still asleep waited in line for "Pirates of the Caribbean". Thankfully there was enough family to take turns holding Keenan since we had to leave the stroller in it's designated spot while we were in line.
Gramma Louise and Keenan giving a "cheese" smile.
Keenan lovin' on his cousin Ashley, actually I think he was trying to give her "doggy kisses".
Keenan and his Uncle Mike

Later Eric, Keenan and I broke away from the group to go where more little kids rides were and happened to run across a line waiting for pictures with Santa Clause. While I waited in line Eric took Keenan around in that area to look at some animals and ran into Pluto.

We ended up having to come back for Santa as he went on brake so we snuck in a few more rides then returned to Santa. We met back up with the rest of the group for a big group photo and some dinner. By this time I was completely ready to go but Eric wanted to keep going so we charged on, went on more rides and ended up staying until a little after the fireworks. Keenan crashed again around 10pm and I think we left a little bit after.
The whole Lundgren Clan.

I can't tell you which all rides we went on but one of the highlights was going on "It's a small world" purely for the look of awe and wonder on Keenan's face as he looked all around him. This ride had a lot to look at and everything was decorated for Christmas.

Keenan and I in front of the lit up castle.

This ride was a choo choo train, Keenan threw a little tantrum because he wanted to ride on the engine in front but that was for the driver. He did NOT want to ride in the carts in back.

Keenan definitely got more out of Disneyland this time, he knew who a lot of the characters were and I think it's pretty safe to say he had fun.

The morning after I asked Keenan if he liked Disneyland, his face got all serious and he said "NO, I LOVED Disneyland!"

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