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January 10, 2010

Ok, so now to back track a few weeks. After spending about 5 days in Virginia we made our way across the US towards California. Because of the flight schedules we ended up flying into Denver for one night then going to San Diego the next. In Denver we stayed with friends who have a little boy who is only 5 months younger than Keenan, it was fun to watch them play.

On our way to San Diego one of our flights had a pretty jumpy landing to which Keenan yelled out very loudly "help me, help me!" This got him quite a few giggles. When we finally arrived at Eric's sister house it was dark but Keenan did had not forgotten that Aunty Lisa has a little Hummer that he can drive. It took a little convincing that the uhm battery needed charging until morning. I don't really think I saw much of Keenan the next few days as Lisa's house was full of cousins both big and small and Keenan likes to be where all the action and toys are. This was good for Eric and I as we hadn't really done any Christmas shopping at this point.

Keenan played hard with his cousins all day everyday and by the end of each day pretty much collapsed in a deep sleep.

Gramma Louise made cut out cookies for all the kids to decorate. Lets just say there was a lot of frosting and sprinkles everywhere but I think the kids had fun. Keenan's idea of decorating cookies was to decorate one then eat it. He quickly lost interest in favor of the Hummer and a cute little girl who wanted to sit in the Hummer too.

Dad helping Keenan frost
Notice the mouthful of blue frosting

The final products
The cookie decorating crew.Keenan abandoning the cookie decorating for the Hummer and a cute girl.

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