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January 17, 2010

We go Montana and get trainset!

Cade, Chase, Everett, Carter, Keenan and Avery! All sitting still for one second.

Keenan got more and more excited to get to Montana since we promised to take him to the toy store and get a train set. So we kept hearing "We go to Montana and get train set!" My parents picked us up at the airport and immediately took us to Target where Keenan got his wooden train set... although after him spying a whole section of Cars he was pretty sure he needed a few of those too, yes this resulted into another tantrum. I guess they don't call it the terrible two's for nothing!

After purchasing our new trainset we headed out to Grampa Bill's birthday party. Keenan spied cake and immediately went to trying to help himself to finger fulls of frosting, sorry if your piece was missing some. Keenan is pretty sure you can't have a birthday without cake!

We celebrated a late Christmas with my siblings and their kids, mostly just to unwrap presents.
Keenan was pretty sure Cade's new car must be his! He did not want to give it up, of course could have cared less about the car until he realized someone else wanted the car very badly! This picture is obviously BEFORE Cade realized his car what a hot item!

We picked up these foam swords in the dollar section of Target... very worth every penny! The kids all LOVED them!
Keenan modeling his new "McQueen" slippers.

Chase not looking too sure about all the commotion.

Gramma and Grampa with all their grandkids... notice they all have suckers in their mouths or trying to get them there,to keep them cooperative for the picture.


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