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February 26, 2010

Trying to keep up

So, we've spent the last few weeks still trying to unpack and set up house. Because this house is just set up different we've needed to buy quite a few different storage devices and whatnot. It's almost done but I still need to hang the pictures on the wall, something I really want to do before Keenan and I leave in a few short weeks.

The weather here goes from rainy to snowy. Yesterday was beautiful, the sun was out and it was actually fairly warm. We went on a walk to find the open air fruit and veggie market. We found it just fine but i decided to try and take a different route home but after the streets kept winding around I found myself a bit lost and the stroller decided to have a flat tire right then. Thankfully I ran into another mother pushing a stroller who happened to know where we were and better yet was going right past where we live, so we followed her.

Today we went to playgroup and got soaked coming home. Keenan was all huddled under his McQueen umbrella that he insists on taking most places while I was pushing the stroller. It's a little hard to hold an umbrella while pushing, at least my coat had a hood on it. After playgroup we met up with Eric for lunch.

With the weather being all over the place we've tried being creative to stay busy. Here's Keenan fishing.
Keenan on his new bicycle. He still prefers that we push while he rides.

And of course Keenan and Sierra. Keenan has been very happy to have his doggy home!
Sierra got a little spoiled during her stay with our neighbor in Kyiv. She's pretty sure that the couch is fair game to lounge on now, something she didn't do before.

I went to the OB doctor this week... at least they told me he was a Doctor. I feel a little bit jipped. He didn't look at any of my paperwork from the previous OB's I've had during this pregnancy, I'm pretty sure he barely even looked at me for that matter. He asked me a few questions... like how much I weighed and how many times I've been pregnant, took a blood pressure, then did an ultrasound on me. Reported that the baby was going to be big and sent me on my merry way.

Usually at OB appointments they check a urine, a heart rate on both you and baby, check for swelling, measure the belly, ask about bowel issues...ect ect. No, none of that I guess he figured why bother since I'm leaving in a few weeks. I don't think I'd go back to him anyways.

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Laura Olson said...

I can't believe how big Keenan looks! What a great bike! I'm glad you guys have been able to spend some time outside lately. :)