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March 9, 2010

Scooters and Traines

I was pretty sure we weren't going to see the bare ground before Keenan and I left for the States but after a lot of rain and a few warm days, the snow is all gone. I've been loving our neighborhood. There is a lot of sidewalk without streets, a lake nearby as well as bike/walking trail. For the first time I took Keenan outside with his scooter. He's gotten quite good and I think he really enjoyed being able to ride with a lot more room. He insist on wearing his sunglasses when there's even a hint of sunshine outside, he wasn't as keen as his helmet though.

Last week we visited a train museum with some friends. The little kids loved it. They were able to climb all over the engines. Lots of "toot toot's" to be heard from that crowd.

The pictures aren't that great. The museum is really an old round house with old engines that they've been trying to restore and it was really quite dark inside.

A few weeks ago Eric and I got a sitter and toured a local brewery with some of the other embassy people. At first when the sitter, Spela, came over Keenan wasn't too sure about her and hid behind my legs. His shyness was quickly forgotten when she suggested they go outside and play in the snow. Then it was pretty much "bye, Mom!" Spela came over again last week so we go could go to a going away party, Keenan was pretty excited to see her and even told Eric to "go away, Dad" while he was trying to play with her. So I think we found a keeper for a babysitter.

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