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March 17, 2010

Stupid Q!

Eric and I try to watch what we say around Keenan but he seems to pick on anything thing that slips out.

Keenan was trying to play with an alphabet refrigerator toy the other day but the batteries weren't working, I overheard him saying "Stupid Q won't work!" He was correct, the letter was Q that wasn't working. Now, I hear him saying "Stupid" all the the time, "Stupid toy is broken, stupid door won't open... and so on" Just when I was wondering if I say that I overheard Eric playing on a computer game and it's all clear now just where Keenan got "stupid" from.

What Keenan does get from me is saying "ya" instead of "you". Terrible habit I know, it sounds so funny coming from Keenan because he drags out the "yaaa". He'll say "I got this for yaaa" "Yaaa make me so happy with candy"...

I guess there's plenty worse things he could be saying...

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