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April 4, 2010

almost 35 weeks = no fun flying

It's now been almost 2 weeks since Keenan and I flew from Slovenia back to Montana to await the arrival of "baby brother". With the stricter bag restrictions packing was NOT easy especially since I needed clothes and stuff for the baby, my maternity clothes plus clothes for afterwards not to mention the big stroller that turns into a double and all of Keenan's stuff. Somehow I managed to get everything into 3 bags, plus the carseat and stroller. With all this gear it made getting through passport control once we hit the states a bit difficult.

In true Keenan fashion he did not sleep on the first two flights even though one of them was about 10 hours long, he instead chose to sleep the minute the plane touched down. This is a trick he seems to always pull, makes going through the numerous security stations extra fun since I have to carry him through while trying to shove our carry-on and stroller through the x-ray machine. At the check point in Minneapolis the security guy asked if I could fold my large stroller and put it on the scanner, mind you while holding my sleeping toddler and sporting my big ol belly. I thought I was going to break down in big hormonal pregnant lady tears... I was exhausted, uncomfortable and couldn't believe he thought I had enough extra hands to do this! Finally someone else came to my rescue to help me out... probably because I was holding up the long line of cranky travelers.

A few weeks ahead of time I requested a "kid meal" during the flight in hopes of him getting some finger food or something that was kid friendly... he received a pasta dish with red sauce that was heavily laced with onion and garlic with a side of steamed spinach. Needless to say he did not eat his meal, he preferred mine which was fine since I was too uncomfortable to sit up and eat. The baby must have been in a funky position because my stomach was way to full to add anything to it!

I was extremely thankful that we managed to get business class so I could recline... even so it was not a fun 24 hours of traveling.

About 24 hours after we left our house in Ljubljana we finally made it to Billings at 11pm Billings time which is about 6am Slovenian time. You guessed it Keenan was wide awake and now full of energy. Me? I was dead tired! I finally got Keenan to sleep but the little stinker woke up a few hours later at 3am and was ready to go for the day. I tried keeping him quiet for my parents but apparently I failed miserably since they both got up shortly after that.

Keenan fell asleep the minute we got in the car for my OB appointment at 10. After a few days of waking up nice and early we both finally got on track with the local time.

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