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April 18, 2010

39 weeks and waiting...

I'm now 39 weeks pregnant, a few days away from our c-section date and in a perfect world Eric would have arrived here in Billings last night... then there was a volcano in Iceland...

Yes, Eric is one of the many affected by all the volcanic ash swimming up in the atmosphere. He was originally supposed to leave Ljubljana on Friday morning... that was canceled. Then he was rebooked to fly out of Munich on Sunday morning... that was canceled. Now we're hoping that he just gets here sometime this week. He's booked to fly out of Rome on Thursday, which means he has to take the train there first...the volcano is still erupting and so far the airspace is open above Rome. Yes, that means he misses the baby's birth and we're both pretty upset. The surgical schedule is pretty packed for the week and we really don't know when he'll be able to make it for sure.

One thing that is for sure... I'm completely OVER being pregnant! I want to meet my little boy.

So my thoughts the last few days... "STUPID VOLCANO!"

So we're waiting on Eric to find a flight and get here... and waiting very impatiently to meet our little boy.


Nicole said...

I'm SO sorry Eric won't be able to make it for the birth of your son :( I'm glad you are with your very supportive family though, that helps a bit at least.

Wish you all the best, and can't wait to hear about your new son!!! Big hugs from Denver :)

Laura Olson said...

Oh no! That is terrible news. We're so sorry Eric is stuck overseas. Here's hoping the Thursday flight happens.

Nate and I are thinking of you. Good luck with the c-section & post pictures of the new little guy the second you can. :)