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April 8, 2010

Easter Day

Growing up it was tradition in my family for my parents to scatter and hide candy all over the living room. We had to wait at the top of the stairs, pounding "we want down", until they gave the ok. Then it was a mad dash to get as much candy as possible. So, my mom and I hid a little bit of candy for Keenan to find Easter morning before the rest of the kids came down. Then when everyone else came down we did it one more time for all of the kids.

Munching on candy and playing in the kitchen.
Trying to get everyone to sit still and look at the camera was not a feat we were able to achieve on sugar highs.
This was all in the morning. Keenan and I then headed up to Gramma Pat's for a late lunch and yet one more Easter egg hunt. Keenan was over picking up eggs at this point but he was still a good sport and gathered up a few. Monday morning I promptly put up all the candy and I'm not sure that Keenan cared as he was hungry for real food.

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