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April 8, 2010

Easter Egg h#1

Somehow Keenan managed to participate in 3 Easter egg hunts. This year he knew exactly what to do and filled up his basket fairly quickly then announced "That's enough, Mom"

Keenan showing me his empty basket.
Picking up the loot.
Jami and Chase trying to get a few eggs too.
Look Mom, it's full of candy!
Carter and Keenan checking out the Easter bunny!
Just playing and eating candy.
We rode to the egg hunt with Corinne and Everett, by the time it was time to go Everett was tired and grumpy and Keenan was laughing hysterically on a sugar high. We left just in time, it started to rain and snow pretty heavily for awhile.

Grampa helped Keenan eat his candy while I ran into town to do errands for my mom because she got hit with a pretty bad cold. I took my time since I was by myself, by the time I returned home my dad and Keenan had polished off quite a bit of the candy.

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