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May 16, 2010

My boys

Yeah, I think summer has finally arrived in Montana! The wind finally stopped howling and now Keenan can play outside again without having to worry about getting blown away. We think we should be getting Van's passport back soon so hopefully we will be flying back to Slovenia at the end of May as scheduled. We are excited to be back together as a family.

As we (Keenan, Van and I) were driving into Billings the other day Keenan pointed out an airplane that was descending and about to land at the airport. Keenan says "look Mom, it's an airplane and Daddy is on it. We better go get him" Awwww :( I told him I wished Daddy was on it but that we'd be going home to Slovenia soon to which he replied "yeah my home is far far away"

Here's my boys before Eric had to go back to Slovenia.
Van and Keenan... yes, I was making them pose. I had to bribe Keenan with jelly beans.
Van is pretty sure he shouldn't go for more than 2 hours without food, his cheeks and extra chin prove this. He's growing quite steadily and I've already had to buy a few 3-6 months sleepers because the 0-3 months ones are to short. We need to hurry and get back to Slovenia where all the bigger baby clothes are.
Napping with Grampa.
Today the weather is beautiful and warm. Keenan didn't want to be bothered by clothes.


MARCELLO's said...

LOVE LOVE the naked Cowboy!

Laura Olson said...

I second Marcello's comment! That photo is priceless. Glad to hear you are all doing well and that the weather is warming up. Hope the passport situation is sorted out soon so you can all reunite with Eric...

lilia said...

Congratulations Jessica!
Those are beautiful boys! Definitely future heart-breakers))
I can't believe how grown-up Keenan is.
I miss him here)) Say hi from me))