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May 12, 2010


The first two weeks of Van's life was actually pretty easy. Eric's mom and sister came to Montana to visit for a few days. In the afternoons Eric took Keenan and went with his mom and sister leaving me and Van nap. Eric spent lots of time with Keenan, getting him ready in the morning and putting him to bed at night which left me to focus mostly on Van and taking more naps. Then before I knew it it was time to take Eric to the airport...then reality hit.

I'm now extremely exhausted and feel like I am constantly being tugged and pulled on by little hands. Van likes to eat at least every two hours day and night and now has been acting colicky in the afternoons and evenings. He has decided he would much rather be held while he takes his naps and would prefer to still be attached to the boob. Meanwhile Keenan wants to be held, played with, read to...ect ect. Yesterday every time Van started crying Keenan would too, then he'd look at me mournfully to see who I would go to first... what a little stinker!
Van's pediatrician reccomended that I cut out all dairy foods for a few weeks to see if this helps with the crying and gassiness. I'm on day two of this, it's extremely hard as I think at least half of what I consume is dairy.

I'm completely ready to have my family all together again at home in Ljubljana but we've run into a snag. We're having issues getting his diplomatic passport mostly in part because the summer is a very busy time for overseas diplomats as this is when roughly half of them will be changing stations. So Van's paperwork is mixed somewhere in the jumble of things. It doesn't look like we will be leaving Montana at the end of May after all, instead we'll be hoping for the first part of June. Now hopefully that darn volcano will cooperate and not get in the way of our travel plans.

Here's Van's passport photo that he'll have to use for the next 5 years. He was completely zonked out, we had just finished doing professional pictures and had to try and wake him up. We were blowing in his face and bouncing him around.


MARCELLO's said...

Hope things start to work out for you. Having the two small children can be challenging at times...it does get better. As for the diet stick with it...I elimated dairy and soy for several months...worth it! Keep up the good work...and GOOD LUCK!

Dorrie said...

Gee, this sounds so familiar! I too am learning that two kids is exhausting and challenging. Someone is nearly always crying here! Good luck to you - please know that I'm in the thick of it with you - I'm sure it will get better. And the boys are adorable!