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September 30, 2010

Keenan being... helpful??

 Keenan is at a stage where he mostly knows right from wrong.  It's easy to tell when he KNOWS he just did something wrong because as soon as a catch him he'll quickly say "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"  This was one of those times he knew... yup, that would be diaper paste on his head.  Think it's easy to get out of hair? Nope, that stuff is designed to stay put.  I did have to send Keenan to his room before I broke out the camera, didn't want to encourage any more of this.

 We recently started feeding Van a little bit of rice cereal, not to shabby though to get a kid to 22 pounds all on breast milk.  Keenan immediately wanted to help with this first feeding of bananas, we obliged, he was just so darn excited about it.

I think Keenan was much more excited about the feeding then Van.  

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