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September 28, 2010

More Castles

After taking my parents to Lake Bled the next day I took them to the Ljubljana Castle which is downtown Ljubljana.  It's a nice spot to enjoy a coffee and offers a very nice view of the city from the tower.  Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera on that day... maybe I'll post some of my mom's pictures if she sends me some.

The day after that we all drove to the Postonja caves which were AMAZING, they are huge!  To tour these caves everyone piles on to a long train and it whips you right through.  This cave is one of the largest in the world I believe but maybe just one of the largest in Slovenia.
borrowed pictures from www.slovenia.info

Then we walked about a half a mile through another section of the cave before reboarding the train to exit.  Then we headed over to the Predjama castle which dates back over 700 years.  It's built into the side of a large cave, this cave looked like anything but luxury.  It was cold and damp inside.  Stairs took us higher up into the cave.

Keenan checking out a desk

of course he had to ring the bell

looking down from way up inside the castle, if you look back at the first pictures you'll see the hole in the cave above the castle, this is what I'm looking out of.

I'm guessing they've remodeled a little in the last 700 years

awwww, sleepy Van
checking out castles, chatting on the phone...

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