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September 28, 2010

Spending time with Gramma and Grampa

 One of Keenan's favorite things to do... get on a bike and head towards the lake.  Grampa borrowed a bike from Eric and off they went.  Although on a different day my mom and I were walking to the cafe on the other side of the lake with Keenan biking a little bit ahead of us.  All the sudden we both looked up in time to our horror Keenan's bike was pointed down.  The bank from the path to the lake was about 8 feet.  I started running and hollering at Keenan to stop but it was too late gravity took over and down Keenan went.  It all happened so fast, thankfully a man that was relaxing in on a bench got up immediately when he heard on the commotion and without any hesitation jumped into the water after Keenan.  Keenan was completely covered in murky water, I couldn't even see him.  The man fished him out.  I asked Keenan if he was OK, he started crying about losing his bike which the man then also fished out.   Keenan's hero was wet up to his chest and at this point standing in thigh high water.  We thanked him then walked home to change clothes.  About a week later the man and his elderly mother came walking around our street ( I think they live in our neighborhood)  to check on Keenan.  They were both really sweet, I was happy to see them again.

 Throwing rocks in the lake is always fun.
 My parents joked that Van was their wake-up alarm.  He likes to get up early, eat, then make lots of happy noises so everyone knows he's up.
 He's generally a very happy baby, just has a little tummy trouble now and then.

 Gramma too!  I love that I have one brown eyed boy and one blue eyed boy!
We a great visit with my parents.  Their 2 weeks was over quickly and soon they were gone.  As I was putting the airmattress away that they slept on Keenan got a little anxious and told me to STOP.  "Where will Gramma and Grampa sleep if you put that away?"  He wasn't very happy when I explained to him that they got on a plane and then another plane and went home.  His reply was "Well, then we need to get on a plane and on another plane and go see them!"  Made me feel a bit guilty and sad that we are so far from our families.  :(  Sigh...  

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Laura Olson said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful visit! How great that your parents could make the trip over. Love the pics, as always. :)