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September 24, 2010

Lake Bled with Gramma and Grampa

Bled Castle
Picking up my parents from the airport was a bit of a challenge since they didn't arrive when they were supposed to.  I was a bit miffed, I had checked to make sure their flights were all on time and even arrived at the airport a bit early after dropping Keenan off at his first day of school.  Van and I waited oh so patiently while all the other passengers filed past us.  I finally asked the "lost and found" also the "help" desk for well, help.  They informed me that all the passengers had exited and no, they can't tell me any information about passengers.  I argued that they were lost and that they were the lost and found department, they sent me to another desk to plead my case.    I must have argued better because the lady finally told me that they were coming in on the next flight.  So home we went... bummer I then had free time to clean my house, so much for the I've been too busy excuse.

Keenan's first day of pre-school went well I picked him up a little after lunch and he was all smiles. He was pretty excited  to pick up Gramma and Grampa from the airport and bring them to his home.  He immediately put Grampa to work playing with his train set and what not.  I'm not sure that my Dad knew what was in store for him, he then got to see and tour three castles in three days then later stay in one in Italy.
Bled Castle 

1st Castle, Lake Bled.  Getting there proved to be a little tricky, we headed out after picking Keenan up from school Van then started screaming.  We pulled over and let him eat, this made him happy for all of the next 1 mile.  We pulled over again, I then just switched seats and made my mom drive so I could be next to Van.    After we got to the town of Bled I took over driving, the GPS was doing the navigating... it failed us! We ended up driving on a walking path to which many dirty looks were thrown our way.  OOPS!  We finally made it to the castle, Yeah!  Can you tell that Eric usually does most, oh wait, ALL the driving??  Too bad he was at work.
Keenan fell asleep so Grampa got to carry him around for a while

Keenan was fascinated by the sword in the wine cellar

  After looking around the castle and enjoying the beautiful views we made our way down to the town and took a boat to the church on the island.  Van slept peacefully during this part, Keenan was anything but peaceful.
Gramma and Grampa on boat ride to the church

inside of church

ringing the bell

bell tower

Keenan can only be a tourist for so long... he'd already reached the "enough" point

trying to amuse himself

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