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September 6, 2010

First day of School

Keenan has been "pee your pants" excited about starting school.  Everytime we'd go to the school to pick up papers or meet with his teacher he'd get so excited to go but completely crushed when he realized that he wasn't staying.  September 1st was his first day
he was excited to show off his back pack
The school is in Slovene so he has to learn a new language.  He's been playing with so many Slovene speaking kids that the language difference doesn't seem to bother him yet.  I felt a little bit bad sending him off to a school in a different language but his teachers assured me in a few months he'd be understanding it and slowly begin to speak it.  He already knows a few words and seems to be picking new words fairly easily.  I know Slovene is a pocket language, no one speaks it except right here in this tiny country but we're hoping it might help him learn other languages later.  When we left Ukraine he was picking up the Russian language pretty well and since Russian and Slovene are both Slavic languages I'm hoping he's limited Russian will help him here.

Some people call the pre-schools here glorified day care as almost everyone here sends their children off to school by 2 years old and they are open from 7 am until around 5pm but can only stay up to 9 hours.  The kids can eat breakfast here if they come early.  His teacher assured me that they do follow a bit of a curriculum and do a lot of hands on learning.  If anything Keenan will get exposure to other kids and another language.

Since Keenan eats at home and I don't have to work we take him to school around 9 and then I've been picking him up after lunch.  This seems to be working well for him.  All the kids must have slippers to change into at school, Keenan picked up some spider man ones.

Septemeber 1st was a big day for Keenan; first day of school plus his Gramma and Grampa Hammond arrived.  Prior to their arrival Keenan's conversations with my parents on the phone were pretty funny "first you get on a plane, then you get on another plane then you come see me at my house"

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