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October 6, 2010

Butter does a body good??

So this has come up a few times since we've been here, by quite a few different Slovenians.  Butter, apparently is better than oh say... neosporin for boo boo's.

Example:  Keenan was playing on the neighbors little jungle gym and fell off it onto his head.  His forehead was a bit scraped up and a little bump formed.  My neighbor takes one look at it and says "Oh, I'll go get the butter"  Did he fall down and make toast?  Is she really referring to his boo boo or is she thinking about the food on the table?  My blank look must have given me away because she told me he wouldn't bruise if we put butter on it.  I politely declined and mumbled something about neosporin and antibacterials.

I have yet to try out the anti-bruising properties of butter and somehow I think I'll skip it.   Am I wrong, has anyone else heard of the phenomenal powers of butter and wound care?  This topic was just not discussed in nursing school and we certainly never used butter in the Burn unit...


Jami said...

Well...I saw it listed on several home remedy sites...still not sure I'd try it though...

Healing the Bruise with Home Remedies
Below are some of the top home remedies to heal a bruise:

•First of all there is a very easy process that you can apply. Take a lump of butter. Put it on the bruise and leave it for some moments. You are sure to be amazed that the bruise that is deep enough is sure to take a good turn. This is one of the most inexpensive method that is used for treatment for bruises.
•Take a ripe banana. Peel it and paste the inside of it in a fine manner. Keep it on the bruise. Actually it would work well if you bandage the wound and keep it overnight. In the morning you are sure to watch that the bruise is almost cured.
•Apply a cold compress on the bruise for a few minutes. You may take a few ice cubes and rub them on the bruise too. Both the applications yield good result.

Mom said...

Everything that I have read said that butter is a bad idea. It can cause the burn to go deeper and is a culprit for infection. Google "butter for wounds".