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October 17, 2010

more pictures

Van showing off his two teeth.  Yesterday I noticed another bottom tooth had broken through and it looks like a top front tooth will be making its appearance soon.

Love LOVE my little boy!  He continues to be a happy child, lots of smiles, giggles, babbling and happy shrieks.  He, however, does still refuse to take a bottle no matter what's in it.  So for now our outings without Van are limited to about 4 hours.

 Van thinking Dad is pretty funny.
 My boys
Keenan helping Dad make Van laugh.

The other night Eric was trying to get Keenan ready for bed and Keenan was just being a pill.  Eric was getting impatient and asks him "What are you doing" to which Keenan replied "just F@ckin' around"
Hmmmm... I'm pretty sure he got that one from Eric!

Keenan is starting to pick on the Slovene pretty good.  Our babysitter the other night told us that he was understanding quite a bit.   Keenan can sing a song in Slovene as well, it's pretty cute.  We'll try and get it on video soon.

Van is almost 6 months old.  He's starting to lift his butt up during tummy time so I suspect it won't be much longer until he's mobile.  Right now he does a little scooting around on his tummy but nothing serious.  I suppose this means we need to get the baby gates up on the stairs.

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