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October 28, 2010

Halloween (a week early)

All the Embassy kids plus a few friends got to do their trick or treating a bit early this year.  Where do we trick or treat in a foreign country that doesn't celebrate Halloween you might be asking... we trick or treat at the embassy.  The kids still go door to door but its more like office to office.  Keenan was pretty excited about it this year and now when ever he wants candy he says "trick or treat" to me.  I think I need to do the "trick" bit...  When I was ordering Halloween costumes Keenan was very insistent that he be "Dr Keenan" he loves his little Doctor kit and plays with it often, he likes to give shots the best.  Maybe he inherited the medical gene  from me and my mom. And Van went as "Bat Van"
Bat Van and Dr. Keenan

It's so hard to get "normal" faces from Keenan for pictures

check out Van in the background
Keenan all ready to start the "trick or treating"

Yes, I was boring and didn't dress up...

 Happy Bat Van

Bat Van's wings

All the kids ready to go!

Dad too!

After trick or treating we all headed over to the Marine house for a party.  The marine house is a great venue as they have a pool table, a big TV, lots of space and a large yard that is completely fenced in with a guard at the front gate.  Yes, we let Keenan run around until he's all wore out...well until I'm worn out.  Apparently by the time we got to the Marine house I was over taking pictures as I didn't get any here.  I think Van sacked out almost immediately on me so I was confined to the couch holding him anyways.

The adult costume party is tomorrow so stay tuned for pictures of Eric and I all dressed up... so stay tuned.

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Laura Olson said...

Bat Van! Too cute. What great pics of the kids in their costumes-sounds like you all had a fun time. I'll get some of Piper up soon!