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October 22, 2010

Local flavor

Part of the fun of living abroad is tasting the local fare. A few of my new favorite food items

Grapefruit beer:  sounds totally nasty but it's quite tasty and refreshing.  Its a mix of grapefruit flavor and beer, I think its really only like drinking 1/2 a beer alcohol wise.  There is also a lemon beer which was really good until I tried the grapefruit.  My dad was a bit leery it but ended up liking it too.

Pumpkin oil:  I was a bit skeptical at first, but this is what a lot of Slovenians use as salad dressing.  It's delicious!  It has a nice nutty flavor, we now use it as a salad dressing (just the oil, nothing else) and also to dip our bread in.

Extra dark brown sugar:  This stuff is almost black and has a yummy rich molasses flavor.  Its great to bake with and Keenan likes to eat it by the spoonful when I'm not looking.

Most:  This is pre-wine and is sweet.  It only has a tiny tiny bit of alcohol in it, although you need to drink it up before it starts fermenting too much in your fridge.

cevapcici:  this is actually a Bosnian dish (I think), it looks like little breakfasted sausages.  Basically its flavored ground meat that is barbecued.  I know I'm not describing it well... I guess you'll just have to come here and taste it yourselves.

One of my neighbors gave me a traditional Slovenian cookbook.  Quite a few of the recipes call for items like; head of hog, intestines, sweat breads, tongues... door mice...  I didn't even think one could find these items but not long after she gave me the cookbook I was at the grocery store and Keenan asked "what's that"?  Well, if it wasn't a head of a hog and all the other fun fixing... haven't found any door mice though.  I have yet to try any of the recipes but I think I will give a few of the desserts a go.

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Laura Olson said...

Mmmm. Grapefruit beer actually sounds really yummy. Can you drink it for breakfast? :)