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October 21, 2010


We went to a local farm thats in Ljubljana to get some pumpkins and got a nice surprise.  The farm has an annual pumpkin party where one can decorate pumpkins, buy pumpkins and eat pumpkins.  They had pumpkin salad, grilled pumpkin and a few other dishes that we were too late for.  The salad and grilled pumpkin were both very tasty!

wagon rides

trying to get a nice picture of Keenan

still trying...

grrr...still trying...

What?!  You want me to stick my hand in this??

How 'bout with a spoon?

kinda squishy

Keenan upset because he wanted to use the knife.

Corn people...

This tomato was great.  All the little kids climbed inside and pretty soon we heard a bit of commotion.  Keenan was turning a knob inside and telling the other kids they were going to watch Scooby Doo (or something) one of the little girls was mad because she wanted to watch Dora and somebody else wanted to watch a different cartoon.  Come on guys, it's a pretend TV!

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