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April 7, 2011

Playing outside

Now that the weather is nice I can hardly get Keenan to come inside there's just too much to do outside; riding bikes, playing t-ball, picking flowers...

A lot of times in the afternoon I'll leave our front door open while I make diner and  Keenan bikes up and and down our sidewalk (with strict instructions that he has to remain in sight if I pop my head out the door).  Although now that Van is more mobile anytime the door is open he heads straight for it.  Occasionally the neighborhood kids stop by to see if I have anything good to eat, i.e snacks not available here in Slovenia.  I've fed them a few cheese and cracker packets, peanut butter by the spoonful, rice krispie treats, freezer pops... Their favorites by far are the popsicles and rice krispie treats.

 Van wanting to dig into the rocks
 Keenan being silly.  He dressed himself, can you tell?
 Heading for the gate.
 It's for you Mama!
My bouquet that Keenan picked for me.  I must be teaching him something right!

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