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June 11, 2011

Keenan's Slovene has been coming along pretty good (so we're told) and its been fun watching him play with the neighborhood kids and listening to him speak a foreign language that neither Eric or I know.  When Keenan is upset with Van he will now yell at him in Slovene... what he's saying we're not sure hopefully the other preschoolers aren't teaching him naughty words and he'll also say his name like the Slovenes do instead of Van like we say as in pronouncing it like the vehicle he will say the 'a' like 'aw'.  It's kinda funnny.  Keenan keeps telling me that I need to learn Slovene, or Sobene as he calls it.  Here's our conversation from the other morning.

Keenan:  Hvala (thanks)
Me:  Prosim (your welcome)
Keenan (with his eyes all big): MOM, you're learning Sobene!!  Good job!

He was clearly impressed.  I do know a few Slovene words/phrases.  I can understand a lot more than I speak since it's so close to Russian... not that I speak a whole lot of that either...

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kiwigogo said...

Speaking Russian the other day, and Miss S says to me "Mom - use words!" Apparently, I am supposed to speak English to her when we're at home. I guess I didn't get the rule book...