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June 12, 2011

Where's Keenan??

So yesterday I took Van and our new neighbor to do a little shopping and show her (the neighbor) a different grocery store and home depot like store.  I admit we were taking our time.  We were just getting everything in the car and Van in his carseat to leave when I got a text from Eric reminding me that he had a football game and he needed to leave NOW and yes he'd tried to call me a few times but I apparently didn't hear it.  Ooops, bad wife!  As soon as I got home Eric jumped in his car and left but there was NO sign of Keenan.  In fact the house was eerily quiet, I started to panic a little bit. Surely Eric would have told me if Keenan was with a neighbor or outside playing.  Keenan finally answered one of my worried "KEENAN!" calls with a little giggle and let me know he was upstairs in his room.  So I got Van settled in his room since he fell asleep on the ride home then went to go say hi to Keenan only there was no sign of him in his room... or upstairs for that matter.  Back to panic mode.  Where did I find him?  Keenan has been finding great amusement in hiding under his bed and being super quiet so I lifted his bed skirt and this is what I found.

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