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July 18, 2011

4 Years old!!

Keenan was completely pumped about his birthday this year, and kept asking when it was. This was the first time EVER that my cake has turned out.  I'm was actually pretty excited about the superman cake, so was Keenan.  The frosting is a marshmallow fondant which basically translates into playdoh for adults, it rolls out about the same way.  

Of course the birthday boy was wearing his superman cape!  I cut out lots of superhero masks for the kids to decorate.
Van showing off his crinkle nose pose.
A look at the commotion.
Keenan was SUPER excited to see Sara, his extra special girl, show up.  He was so afraid she wouldn't get her invitation, no one was home when we tried to deliver it so we had to tape it to the outside entrance to her apartment.
Me looking serious about something and the little kids lining up for cake.
Tamar, Zoya, Ava and Keenan all wanting me to hurry up and pass out cake!
Our neighbor Talia was exhausted by all the commotion and Eric seemed a good place to take a rest.
Keenan hugging on Sara
Keenan and Sara hamming it up for the camera
Van was pretty quiet during the party... I think he found the cheetos bowl, this picture doesn't really show it but his face was covered in food and filth.

Cheese! Our neighbor Ava

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Laura Olson said...

What an absolutely amazing cake! I am so impressed. It looks like Keenan had a wonderful party--your kids are so adorable.