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July 19, 2011

My first 10K!

My first 10K at Lake Bled was a night run.  I wanted to do this run since I found out about it in the spring but I thought we were going to gone on that day so I never registered.  Then I discovered we WOULD be around registration was full, I was bummed.  On friday Eric and and I donated blood and as soon as I got back home I received a text asking if I wanted to run in place of one of my friends who didn't want to anymore.  Uhm, YES!

The run started at 10pm and at registration along with the free t-shirt we got free head lamps.  We asked around and everyone we asked said that we didn't need the lights so since they weren't comfy we opted not to wear them.  The lack of light was a bit disorienting at times and the route around the lake wasn't lit up too well at times.  I started the race off a bit fast but I was feeling good... for a tiny while, I quickly became exhausted and I mean EXHAUSTED!  I checked my garmin and to my horror I'd only been running for 10 minutes.  How could this be??  I felt TERRIBLE!  Several times during the race I wondered why I was running, this was HELL... that's how bad I felt.  Thankfully I finally finished and somehow it was at the high end of the time I was shooting for.  As I stumbled through the finish line I received my medal for finishing which was a fork with a ribbon around it!  What was the fork for, you might ask?  For the real prize which was a big piece of cream cake which Lake Bled is known for!
   =  YUM!

Somehow it didn't occur to me until the next day why I felt so darn bad during the race, I mean come on,  I regularly run 4-7 miles a 3 times a week.  Oh yeah... I was missing  a whole bunch of red blood cells!  DUH!  So,  no more donating blood for me!  At least for awhile.  There's a few more races coming up including the Ljubljana marathon (I'll do the half) in a few months.

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