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July 26, 2011

Corfu, Greece: Water and Sun

We stayed at a little family run hotel that was right across the street from the beach

The hotel wasn't incredible kid friendly but the hotel owner tried.  He borrowed toys and even a swing from his sister for the kids to play with.
Van LOVED the swing.  There was even a little rope tied to the swing so you didn't have to get up to push.

Van was pretty content staying at the waters edge playing in the sand.
We bought Keenan a snorkel... after that we pretty much only saw his backside after that.
Keenan snorkeling.

 A little baby butt crack...

Mmmmm, sand

I bought a big floppy sun hat for 4 Euros... I'm pretty sure I wore it the entire time in Greece.  I must be getting old... I also always made sure me and the kids were completely slathered in sunblock.

We just thought this cotton candy/ lemonady looking house was interesting...

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Corinne said...

looks like so much fun jess!