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July 26, 2011

Getting to Corfu, Greece

Two weeks ago we set out bright and early for Venice, Italy to board a boat for Corfu, Greece.  When we arrived in Italy we found out that our boat that we thought left at 2pm really was leaving at 5 and that we were really on the slow boat which takes 26 hours vs the fast boat which only took 20.  Sigh...  It all worked out though.  The boat had a small play area with lots of kids and a pool which was mostly covered in drunk teenagers but still provided entertainment for Keenan which was good because our cabin consisted of 2 sets of bunk beds which we shared with our friends.  Our friends Andre and Sabina have a little boy, Christian, who is a few months older than Van.  We FINALLY arrived in Corfu around 9pm and followed our friends to our hotel.

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