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September 30, 2011

Fall days and young love

The weather has been amazing although it definitely feels like fall; cool crisp mornings and warm afternoons.  We've been trying to take advantage of every last ray of sunshine before the rainy season starts and the gloom of winter sets in.

Keenan has really been enjoying school again and his teachers tell me that his Slovene is really good.  Whenever I hear Keenan speaking Slovene it gives me warm fuzzies, not sure exactly why since I usually have NO idea what he is even talking about.  I guess I'm just proud of him!   He has been insisting on riding his bike to school, I finally gave in.  I had to reroute the path we take so that we're not on the main streets as much.  Even though we walk and bike on the sidewalks it still stresses me out...all the what if's I guess.

Picking up Keenan in the afternoons now takes 3 times as long due to Van wanting to play in the sandboxes with all the other kids.  It feels kind of mean to let him see all the kids playing and not let him, so I gave up.  What else do we have to do anyways.

Keenan and his girlfriend Sara are still very much in love.  They are constantly holding hands, touching, walking with their arms around each other and kissing.  Yes, kissing; on the cheeks and occasionally loud smacking on the lips kisses.  I seriously didn't think I would be dealing with this when he was only 4 years old!

Here's the two lovebirds playing out in our neighborhood

 Van got a turn too.  He wants to be a big boy so bad!  Everything that Keenan is doing Van is right behind him wanting to do it too.

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