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September 30, 2011

Keenan the jokester

Last night as the boys were playing in the bath tub Keenan looks at me with all seriousness and says "Oops, I pooped in the bath tub"
Me: Gross!  Are you serious?  Time to get out of the tub, ugh gross!
Keenan:  uhm, yea... I pooped just now now.  ( He actually looks embarrassed)
Me: Ugh!
Keenan: (laughing) Ha ha, I tricked you!  I didn't poop in the tub that is gross!

A few minutes later
Keenan:  (looking remorseful) Uh oh, I REALLY did just poop in the tub.
Me:  WHAT?  I hope your kidding again!
Keenan:  No really, I did!
Me: Ugh
Keenan:  (Laughing)  Ha, I just tricked  you AGAIN!

GRrrrr, little stinker!

1 comment:

Laura Olson said...

Yeah, there's nothing funnier than poop in the tub. NOT!